Friday the 13th

I’m not into superstitious
I don’t read zodiac prediction whatever
Although sometimes I enjoy reading “Kenali personaliti anda melalui tarikh lahir” or something like that

I heard something to do with four (4) means bad luck
That’s why they have this habits of changing 4th Floor/level of a building to Floor/Level No. 3A…
Sometimes I just lough in my heart when looking the 3A or 13A button(s) in the elevator, “People!”
But when my friend got disturbed by “something” at level 4 (this time they forgot to change it) during his stay at a hotel, I jumped! Serious! This is not just some “tindih-tindih” thing  you know, “cakar”!! With real marks left on body skin! Coz it did reminds me the same thing happened to my schoolmates years back, not alone you know!! The whole room mates kene cakar!! Aaaaa

Then came yesterday… Cut my hair the day before (which I hate hate hate hate hate it so muuuccchhh!!!)
Attended my interview at 11 in the morning… Bla bla bla .. “We’ll call u shortly after lunch ok!” … Then I left. Waiting.

I got into the feeder bus heading towards Greenwood. I pressed the bell for the bus to stop when out of sudden
I dropped my bag. The best part was all my “cents” (a bulk of them!) berterabur under the seats… “Damn!”
Then I picked them up one by one like an idiot when the bus had already moved for the next stop… “Damn again!”
I’m done picking the “cents”, leaving behind under the seats some 5 cents.. “Lantak ko la 5 sen!”
Pressed the bell again disregarding the fact that I have to walk like 200 metres from the last stop.
Standing firmly just opposite the bus’ door waiting for it to open, when suddenly…
It was a school boy sitting by himself at the very back seat, pointing exactly at my left-behind 5 cents.
I was stunned, for a while. Pakcikkk????!!!
“Takpe lah.. anak ambik buat belanje ok!”
Me: Paakkcikkkk???!!

Got online once reached home, and found this article on Friday the 13th on Yahoo! site.
Bad luck this, bad luck that what ever…
Logged on to facebook, a friend told about his unlucky moment(s) on the day as his status.
I told him on my “pakcik” story.. He said, maybe its Friday the 13th…
Me: Mmmm OK..

And by the time this is written,
the place where I attended the interview
has yet to retun any call.
It has been more than 24 hours…

Takde rezeki (as its always was the case)
or is it Friday the 13th?

Whatever the reason,
I lost my dearest long hair on Thursday the 12th,

4 thoughts on “Friday the 13th

  1. betul tu, mana gambar mung berambut pendek? Eh, kisah tingkat4 tu… Macam pernah terjadi kat aku je, tp aku x pernah tau yg nombor 4 tu tak bagus..

  2. nidxam: my “terbaru” is me that you knew all those years in uia… except maybe i was not as buncit as now ahahaha

    j: yes, i was referring to u la.. and on that “4” thing, i’m honored to have delivered such a knowledge to you ahahaha

    oney: just read ur blog, still have yet to figure out who you are.. hmmm

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