Rejected! ~ Aouchh..!

Just browsed my personal Jobstreet job application history some 5 minutes ago. Out of three, one of them had been rejected. The feeling of rejection is indeed so awful. And so the inner side of me just shout out loud as a response, “NEXT!” Job, job, come to mama!

*Dah la kene reject dengan universiti sendiri, sedih berganda nan berlipat-lipat aku!

10 thoughts on “Rejected! ~ Aouchh..!

  1. Aku doakan sebelum masuk bulan 4 ko dapat keje, pastu ko mintak start keje bulan 5 lepak2 la sebulan aminnnnn 🙂

  2. syed: ahak3, u know what, the “jahat” in me seems to agree with you, while suddenly the other “rational” in me shout out, “Ko gile ke?? Abis blan 5 aku nak makan ape???!! Kayu? Dinding??!!”


  3. gapodio: ye, mmg la apply tempat lain gak

    j: sinar di penghujung haper nih?? hujung bulan? hujung tahunn? doa ayat tak habis nih .. hehehehe

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